Before enrolling in a language course for the first time at Lafayette, you will need to identify the correct college level.  This requires measuring your language competency based on past experience and placement testing.

Preparing to take the Placement Exam:

  • Review the Policy on completing the Language Requirement.
  • Complete a brief language survey for the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature.
  • Count your past experience in the language you intend to study.
  • If you have NO prior experience in the language you wish to study:
    You should register for the beginning level, Elementary 101.
  • If you have prior experience in the language (as either a student or a heritage speaker):
    Please click on the appropriate subject listed below to learn how to choose the right course level. Placement exams are available in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.
  • Have you taken the SAT II or do you have AP SCORES?

Important things to know: 

  • Following the completion of the placement exam you will receive recommendations that will help you to select the most appropriate language level.
  • The language placement exam score does not exempt you from taking a language at Lafayette college.
  • The language placement exam is offered for Chinese, French, German, & Spanish. For all other languages please consult with a Professor in your desired language for advice. 
  • If you have a seal of Biliteracy please contact the Foreign Languages Department.

Take the Language Placement Exam

Further Questions?

If at any point you have questions regarding placement please contact Professor Sidney Donnell, FLL Dept. Language Placement Coordinator. Department Head Professor Michelle Geoffrion – Vinci in the Department of Foreign Languages is also a great resource as well.