You’ve chosen one of the country’s premier liberal arts colleges and you are joining a community of exceptional scholars who are committed to you as individual learners.

 The GOAL of this site is to help you to become familiar with the academic community at Lafayette College. It is exciting to be involved in the process of selecting courses for your very first semester, Fall 2023. We would like your input to help us to create a more personalized first semester schedule.  You may use the 1st Semester Course Preference Planning Worksheet as a resource and follow the steps that will guide you to:

Once you have submitted your survey responses, you can relax and let us do the rest! We are working diligently on customizing your first semester schedule to match your preferences.  Just remember that your schedule may not reflect your exact choices, but all classes will fulfill a graduation requirement. The course adjustment period will allow you another chance to update your choices or make changes in late August. Schedules are NOT definitive until September. There are many resources available to you during this time. Please make use of them and ask questions. Welcome Home!