What Is Summer Guidance?

A new program designed to help incoming students complete their first-semester course preference survey. There will be optional meetings with guides (class deans, faculty, campus partners) to discuss the first-semester course preference survey and other questions about the first semester at Lafayette, beginning May 23- June 9. Not only will Summer Guidance assist incoming students in the course selection process, but also will:

  • Educate incoming students on their respective components of the Lafayette College degree
  • Offer an opportunity for students to establish an initial connection the College prior to orientation in August

What to Expect

As a first year student, you may have some questions about the course selection process. To help students to navigate that process, the Office of Advising is offering Summer Guidance. During a scheduled appointment, students and their guide will have the option to go through the survey together as well as address any questions regarding first semester courses. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights that can prepare students for their first semester. This is a way to help build relationships, make connections, receive support from,  and engage with the community prior to your arrival at Lafayette. 

How to Setup an Appointment

Send an email to the deanofadvising@lafayette.edu and include the following:

  • Provide your name with 3 separate time/dates of availability, most preferred date listed first
  • List any questions or concerns you would like to discuss regarding your first semester preferences
  • Specify if you would prefer a virtual Zoom meeting or a telephone call (include best number where you can be reached)

Next Steps

  • Appointment confirmation will come in your Lafayette email (Beginning May 17th)
  • Take notes on the Course Preference Planning Worksheet

Please remember to review the FYreg website for additional details and resources.