As you explore the many course offerings please keep in mind your intended area of study as there may be required courses within the department you will need to take during the fall semester. If you have any questions you can always contact the Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs for advice.

A&S 102. Cultural Anthropology

A&S 103. Introduction to Sociology

AFS 101. Ideas of Africa

AFS 102. Intro to Africana Studies

ARB 101. Elementary Arabic

ART 101. Introduction to Art History I

ART 102. Introduction to Art History II

ART 107. Sculpture I

ART 109. Drawing I

ART 111. Beginning Printmaking

ART 114. Beginning Painting

ART 140. Art & Architecture of World Traditions

ART 155. Digital Photography I

ART 196. Black & White Photography

BIO 111. Unity & Diversity of Biology

CHEM 107. General Chemistry

CHEM 108. General Chemistry II

CHN 101: Elementary Chinese I   *course option added after the survey was distributed; indicate interest here’

CHN 111: Intermediate Chinese I *course option added after the survey was distributed; indicate interest here’

CHN 211: Advanced Chinese I *course option added after the survey was distributed; indicate interest here’

CL 161. Literary Masters Tsarist Russ

CLSS 220. Greek Tragedy & Beyond

CS 104. Computer Gaming

CS 105. Digital Media

ECON 101. Principles of Economics

ENG 135. Literarture & Human Experience

ENG 151. Intro to Creative Writing

ENG 174. Chicanx Literature

ENG 246. Black Writers

ES 101. Introduction to Engineering

EVST 100. Introduction to the Environment

FAMS 101. Introduction to Film & Media Studies

FREN 101. Elementary French

FREN 103. Accelerated Elementary French

FREN 111. Intermediate French

GEOL 120. Geological Disasters – Agents of Chaos

GEOL 130.Dinosaurs, Darwin, & Deep Time

GERM 101. Elementary German I

GERM 102. Elementary German II

GERM 111. Intermediate German I

GERM 112. Intermediate German II

GERM 211. Advanced German

GOVT 101. Introduction to United States Politics

GOVT 102. Introduction to International Politics

GOVT 103. Intro to Comparative Politics

GOVT 104. Introduction to Political Theory

GRK 101. Elementary Greek I

HEBR 101. Elementary Hebrew I

HIST 105. History of the Modern World

HIST 119. Race/Ethnicity in the US

HIST 120. History in Pictures

JAPN 101. Elementary Japanese

JAPN 111. Intermediate Japanese

LAT 101. Elementary Latin I

MATH 110. Statistical Concepts

MATH 125. Modeling and Differential Calculus

MATH 141. Differential Calculus and Economic Modeling

MATH 161. Calculus I

MATH 162. Calculus II

MATH 263. Calculus III

MUS 103. Introduction to World Music Traditions

MUS 104. Music Technology I

MUS 105. ST: Creating Your Own Music

MUS 121. Music Theory I

PHIL 101. Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 102. Basic Social Questions

PHYS 104. Astronomy: The Solar System

PHYS 111. General Physics

PHYS 130. Relativity, Spacetime, & Contemporary Physics

PSYC 110. Introduction to Psychology

REL 101. Religions in World Cultures

RUSS 101. Elementary Russian

RUSS 111. Intermediate Russian

SPAN 101. Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 102. Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 103. Accelerated Elementary Spanish

SPAN 111. Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 112. Intermediate Spanish II

THTR 107. Introduction to Theater

WGS 101. Introduction to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Additional Courses

MUS 151. Performance: Jazz Ensemble

MUS 153. Performance: Orchestra

MUS 154. Performance: Concert Band

MUS 155. Performance: Jazz Combo

MUS 158. Performance: Percussion Ensemble

MUS 161. Performance: Early Ensemble

MUS 163. Performance: Mostly Mbira Ensemble