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Let’s Begin your Placement Exams:


Placement Exam FAQs

Who needs to take Placement Exams?

As a Lafayette Student you are required to complete a placement exam in Foreign Languages & a placement exam in Mathematics. Please note that the placement exam for Foreign Languages has a $10 fee.

Languages include: Chinese, French, German, or Spanish

If you plan to take General Chemistry during your time at Lafayette you are required to complete a Chemistry placement exam.

How long are the Placement Exams available?

Placement exams will be available from May 12th to September 1st. 

What if there is no placement exam for the Language that I seek to study at Lafayette?

Currently, the Foreign Languages & Literature Department has placement exams in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. Please visit the FLL Department for more information regarding your placement in the other languages Lafayette College offers.

These languages include: Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, & Russian.