The required First-Year Seminar enables students to participate in an active learning environment during their first semester at Lafayette College.

  • Designed to introduce students to intellectual inquiry through engaging them as thinkers, speakers, and writers, each seminar focuses intensively on a special topic, which is articulated with related co-curricular activities.
  • Limited to around 16 students per section, the First-Year Seminar includes significant reading, writing, discussion, and presentation and is affiliated with the College Writing Program. Students in First-Year Seminars are introduced to the use of the library for research.
  • First-Year Seminars include a scheduled fourth hour, to be used at the discretion of the faculty member. A critical part of the Common Course of Study, these seminars are a co-requisite for other courses taken by students in their first semester and a prerequisite for subsequent courses.

Important Note:

Students who choose to take FYS 077 or FYS 141 will be part of an exciting new housing pilot which brings students from similar First Year Seminars together in a residential setting. If you register for FYS 077 or FYS 141 you will become part of Cadmus Commons and housed in either Conway House or Kamine Hall. This exciting housing configuration will allow the FYS faculty to utilize residential spaces for academic purposes and will encourage collaboration between students outside the traditional classroom environment.

First Year Seminar Selection:

  1. Review the First Year Seminar Course offerings for titles and descriptions of this year’s available seminars.
  2. Identify your top five FYS courses, rank them in order of preference, and write them down on your Registration Worksheet.