Class of 2021,

Greetings and Welcome to the Lafayette Family! Over the next few months you will make some very important decisions as you prepare for your arrival in August. One of those important decisions pertains to your academic interests and field of study.  The First Year Registration website has been constructed to help aid you in your EXPLORATION as you select the courses that you will enroll in during your first semester of college.

Course registration may seem overwhelming and there may be several questions that you have regarding selecting the perfect schedule. As your Class Dean, I am here as a resource, along with the First Year Registration website to help ease some of the anxiety you may or may not be experiencing. As your EXPLORE the many course offerings we have at Lafayette I CHALLENGE you to think outside of the box and have fun selecting courses that you are INTERSTED in.

As a first year student you will be enrolled in FOUR COURSES during your first semester.  One of those courses will be your FIRST YEAR SEMINAR. The remaining three courses will be based on your academic interests. Even if your courses are set for you within a particular curriculum during your first semester, I encourage you to take full advantage of what courses are offered to you as a student during your time here at Lafayette.

As a student at one of the premier liberal arts colleges, now is the time to take a course that you have always wanted to take, but you did not have the space or time to take. Now is the time to open your eyes to the many POSSIBILITIES that await you as you set the stage for your next four years as a student.

Take a few deep breathes, relax, and let’s embark on this journey together.

Dean Morris