PARDners are dynamic upperclass peer mentors who are maximizing their Lafayette experience through stellar academic performance, co-curricular involvement, and campus leadership. PARDners have been trained by the Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs and Campus Life to answer your questions about course registration, academics, and social opportunities at Lafayette.




Jessica Ackendorf Biochemistry, B.S.
Khadijah Akeem Africana Studies and History
Shaneena Alabado Civil Engineering, BS
Alex Battisti Economics
Elena Cerati Economics
Bridget Coffey Gov/Law & Policy Studies
Sydney Crowe Economics, A.B.
Matthew DeBenedetto Biology, B.S.
Noah Decker Film & Media Studies and Psychology
Brittany Dobson Chemical Engineering
Sarah Eddy Environmental Studies, B.A
Anna Evinski Economics, B.A. Government and Law, B.A.
Jane Feldmesser Government & Law and Policy Studies
Hallie Gersten Economics, B.A
Emily Gonzalez FAMS & WGS, BA
Sean Gorman History, A.B. and Government and Law, A.B.
Natalie Grune Psychology and Anthropology/Sociology
Mailinda Hoxha English/Government and Law
Emily Keller-Coffey Environmental Studies
Emily Kim Anthropology & Sociology & Government & Law
Reeve Lanigan Gov/Law and WGS, B.A
Laura Lievre Mathematics,B.S.
Brian Luther Engineering Studies/Econ
Kayla Magee Economics, A.B., Government and Law, A.B.
Kathryn Martinides Economics and International Affairs, B.A.
Allison McHayle Neuroscience / B.S
Caroline Nawrocki International Affairs
Ugochukwu OKeibunor Chemical engineering
Louise Olson Psychology and A&S
Chloe Ortega English, B.A.; Biology, B.A.
Val Perry Film & Media Studies/ Art Minor
Emily Ramirez Biology, B.S.
Kara Rosenthal Civil Engineering, B.S.
April Ruff Mathematics,B.S.
Keeley Scott Government and Law and International Affairs
Ava Shore Engineering Studies
Julia Sullivan Economics/BA Finance Certificate; Minor in Religious Studies
Claire Swanson Economics, B.A.; Government & Law, B.A.
Jasmin Vargas International Affairs BA (premed track)
Iuliia Vasileva Economics/IA
Elana Weinstein Policy Studies, B.A., Environmental Studies, B.A.
Nicholas Whiteman Chemical Engineering, B.S
Amelia Williams Geology, B.A.
Olivia Wootton Engineering Studies (B.A.), Economics (B.A.)